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      Xinqin clothing

      Re-service, quality, contract

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      Xinqin clothing

      Ten years of production experience

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      Xinqin clothing

      Environmental protection materials

    Distinguish among urban women with outstanding gestures


    Brand Positioning

    • Xinqin is a kind of life attitude
      Re-service, quality, contract and reputation are our core. We warmly welcome customers at 大红鹰彩票网页版 and abroad to visit and negotiate business....
    • Xinqin clothing
      The company strives to innovate in its operations, vigorously develops new products and promotes the latest market trends.Integrate international popular elements into product development to produce high quality products to win customers' trust and su...

    Our advantage

    Dongguan Xinqin Clothing Co., Ltd.

    Specializing in the production of underwear mold cups, swimwear mold cups, bullet cups, surface cloth cups, seamless underwear, one-piece underwear mold cups, sports underwear accessories, body sculpting underwear accessories, CNC mold processing, fabric fitting processing, in line with international Oeko-Tex environmental protection standard requirement! The company's equipment is advanced and complete, with nearly ten years of production experience, management experience and perfect technology, can be produced according to customer requirements or in accordance with international standards, use of environmentally friendly materials

    The company is striving to innovate in operations, vigorously develop new products, promote new products, grasp the latest market dynamics, integrate international popular elements into product development, and produce high-quality products to win customers' trust and support.

    Re-service, quality, contract and reputation are our core.


    CNC Mould cup processing design

    Our team has excellent and mature mould manufacturing technology.we not only can evaluates the rationality of drawings, but also gives Suggestions, which effecti...


    Underwear need to pay attention to what matters

    Standard: The size of bras and panties should fit; it is advisable to smooth the body lines after wearing; Color: Do not leak underwear color, but also need to b...


    Preservation and care of underwear

    Underwear is the closest thing to your body. You should first pay attention to cleanliness. Dirt not only means that it is not clean, but also affects the ventil...


    How to buy underwear

    Select by age group Young women: The main emphasis is on whether underwear can really help the body. Pregnant women: Should wear a loose-fitting bra. One month a...