Underwear need to pay attention to what matters

 News     |      2018-05-05 10:15
Standard: The size of bras and panties should fit; it is advisable to smooth the body lines after wearing;
Color: Do not leak underwear color, but also need to be in harmony with the color of the coat. In the formal occasion or in the professional women’s work position, Ms. Choi chooses color underwear that is similar to skin color;
Style: To meet the social and cultural connotation requirements for the occasion.
Ms. in public places or professional women in the workplace does not advocate the selection or wearing of underwear that is incompatible with the mainstream culture of the society and that is too sexy, provocative, and has a low safety factor.
Thermal underwear: Professional ladies, including government servants, should have a certain degree of hardiness and professionalism. They do not advocate wearing bloated and complicated clothes on important occasions and ceremonial occasions. More consideration should be given to women's wear than to temperature.
Behavioral taboos:
1, bogey in public places do not cover up casually finishing underwear, if women feel uncomfortable wearing underwear, should find the nearest bathroom, decent treatment in the bathroom. There is a concept to be clear, the function of public toilets is not only to solve the problem of people's "toilet", but also to help people deal with secretive behavior.
2, bogey in the eyes of elders to organize underwear, this is a lack of education behavior.
3, bogey in the identity of the elders or seniors in front of finishing underwear, this is the performance of frivolous behavior.
4, bogey finishing the underwear in front of the opposite sex, this is extremely unsteady behavior. If it is really unconscious, it shows that you are less educated and have poorer cultural literacy.
5, bogey to organize underwear in front of juniors. It should play a good role in front of the younger generation. As a lady, if the children do not respect you, this is the saddest thing.
6, bogey underwear leakage and negligence personal clothing hygiene, Ms. in contact with people, at any time to pay attention to whether their underwear is leaked, and should have good health habits, daily wash underwear.
7, avoid wearing transparent clothes.
Underwear washing
1, detergent / laundry detergent can not be directly on the underwear: washing powder / agent used in conjunction with fluorescent bleaching will lead to uneven color, fade or discoloration, etc., should first dissolve the lotion in water, and then put the underwear Into. In addition, the use of bleach can make the quality of underwear become moldy and discolored and should be avoided.
2, as far as possible the shortest possible time washing: washing machine washing, 3 minutes is enough, long time washing easily lead to underwear discoloration or staining.
3, silk underwear washing methods: silk clothing, although gentle and glossy, but easy to fold, shrink and damage by sunlight, it is appropriate to use neutral lotion, and hand wash, and then use a towel to dry the water, dry flat air.
4, dark and white or light-colored underwear must be washed separately: In the machine wash, you must separate the white and light-colored underwear; hand wash should be from light to deep clean, such as washing white, then wash light color, the final wash depth color. Second, underwear with less dirt should be washed first, and underwear with more dirt should be left to wash.
5. The zipper must be pulled up: The full-body blouse with zipper must be pulled on the zipper first, and the shoulder straps should be used for the bust (which can be used as a strapless bust). Take out and clean separately.
6, soft ring and zipper underwear must be washed by hand: in the hand wash, such as excessive force, but also easy to make the clothes deformation, it is best to use "pressure washing method" and "washing method" washing.
7. The underwear put into the laundry net is limited to half: As the general underwear is made of soft and delicate material, it is placed in the laundry net according to the label instructions, but it must be taken into the net. The underwear must be limited to half of the laundry network.
8. At least two laundry nets should be used separately: The purpose is to separate clothes with metal or soft rings and clothes without soft circles so as not to damage other clothes. In the event of deformation of the soft ring, carefully return it to its original shape by hand, and do not use force to force it back to its original shape. The point is to make it gradually return to its original shape.
9, machine wash (dry) for 30 seconds: underwear on the laundry in the drying clothes (dehydration) and then wrapped in a dry towel, squeezed by hand, so that water is absorbed by the towel. For example, if the water is directly twisted with both hands, it is easy to wrinkle and damage the underwear material.
Underwear drying

After washing, gently squeeze or use a towel to wrap the underwear in the middle to absorb moisture, shake it a few times, level it out, level up the wrinkles as much as possible, and clamp it in a place with no elasticity, and hang up. (The bra of the bra is submerged and piled down. It is difficult to see after drying, so hang it upside down in a ventilated place.)
Dry immediately after washing to avoid long-term wet conditions and wrinkles and discoloration
Direct sunlight is the cause of yellowing, discoloring, and weakening of the bra. Room heating also causes yellowing. Please avoid it.