How to buy underwear

 News     |      2018-04-28 10:12
Select by age group
Young women: The main emphasis is on whether underwear can really help the "body."
Pregnant women: Should wear a loose-fitting bra.
One month after giving birth, you should wear a vest type bra.
After the child's full moon, it should be replaced by a broadband back-type bra, should pay attention to whether underwear has a correction function for postpartum body shape changes;
Middle-aged and older women: Because of their age, health should be taken as the first priority, and attention should be paid to whether or not underwear can be really helpful when it comes to “reform”.
Select by chest shape
1, disc type: breast uplift is not high, but the bottom is not small, many Oriental women are such. Suggestion: Choose 1/2 cup or insert the bra, increase chest fullness.
2, cone type: breast uplift higher, the bottom is not small, but the overall upright, cone-shaped. Suggestion: Choose a 3/4 cup bra to set off the breast effectively.
3, hemispherical type: breast uplift larger, full, is the ideal breast. Suggestion: Choose full cup.
4. Spinning Cone: The breast has a high bulge and the bottom is small. The udder protrudes forward and has a slight droop like a spindle. Suggestion: Choose 3/4 cup or full cup.
5, sagging type 1: breasts uplift but drooping, the lower part of the chest. Recommendation: Choose 3/4 cups, wider shoulder straps.
6. Drooping type 2: The nipples point to the ground and make them hang down. Suggestion: Choose a bra with a narrow center.
7. External expansion type: The double peaks extend outward on both sides and do not concentrate. Suggestion: Select a centered bra, such as a 5/8-inch cup.
Select by season
Summer: More sweating, wear bras made of pure cotton, bleached cloth or poplin fabric.
Spring and Autumn: Bras that can wear polyester fabric.
Winter: Wear thicker or lined bras. If the breasts are not full, or if the size of the right and left breasts is significantly asymmetric, use a sponge-lined bra.
Select by material
The choice of underwear is best natural fiber products. Among them, cotton products are more suitable. Its moisture absorption and warmth are good and the price is moderate.
Synthetic fiber products such as nylon underpants, polyester shirts, etc., have poor hygroscopicity and are not conducive to the absorption and distribution of human sweat, and it is difficult to adjust the microclimate environment between the skin and the undergarments. Therefore, personal clothing tends to have a sultry feeling. Among them, it is worth noting that synthetic fiber underwear can also cause skin damage, and the hazard of nylon comes from the residual monomer, caprolactam, which can cause the skin to be dry, rough, thickening, and even cracks and dermatitis. In addition it is antigenic to the skin and causes an allergic reaction.
Chemical fiber underwear adverse reaction
According to a urologist in Japan, an increase in the number of women with bladder inflammation in Japan is mainly attributed to wearing synthetic underwear. Wool underwear, like lipofiber, accounts for 17% of the skin. Therefore, although the wool price is high and the warmth is good, it is not an ideal material for underwear. In the underwear of natural fibers, only 2% of the cotton products damage the skin, and silk called “the second human skin” is the best, and the damage to the skin is almost zero.
Select by color
The color of underwear is chosen with everyone's love. However, some dyes are carcinogenic. Dyes can be absorbed by human skin through sweat, and there are many dyes on dark underwear. If the fastness of dyes is not good, the skin will absorb more and the damage will be greater.
Dermatologists also believe that some skin diseases are likely caused by impurities such as dye shedding or intermediates.
Therefore, it is best to choose underwear or light color. Try not to buy crimson, magenta, navy, brown, dark green, and black.
If you have a particular preference for these colors, be sure to wash frequently, and do not be lazy. White underwear is also not very safe, this product is often coupled with a fluorescent plus fluorescent whitening agent is also a carcinogen, can be discharged with the pollution of water sources.